Voyager Digital acquires Coinify for $85 Million

Voyager Digital Ltd. decided to expand even further in the world of cryptocurrencies by acquiring the global virtual currency platform Coinify.

Voyager Digital acquires Coinify for $85 Million

As stated in today's announcement from Forbes, Voyager Digital is responding to the ever-increasing interest in digital currency payments and has therefore decided to acquire the Danish crypto payment platform Coinify.

Coinify, which offers services such as individual currency trading, corporate brokerage, payment processing services, and enterprise solutions via the Coinify API, has agreed to $85 million with Voyager Digital.

“We think payments is the next frontier,” Stephen Ehrlich, CEO and Co-founder of Voyager Digital

Following this step, Voyager's plans for the next period are a clear, integration of its own systems with the Coinify platform. The goal of the integration is to ensure that customers can make payments directly from their accounts with cryptocurrencies, which can significantly reduce transaction fees.

As for the specific acquisition, in this case, Coinify shareholders will receive 5,100,000 of newly issued shares of Voyager common stock and $15 million in cash.

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