Without regulators cryptocurrency prices can be easily manipulated

Without regulators cryptocurrency prices can be easily manipulated

Usually on financial markets some people lose some earn, but regulators should to help catch fraudster also pump and dump scheme makers. In crypto world it is bit complicated, because there are no regulations which can help investors who don’t understand clearly how technology works and usually fall on words of good produced marketing. Media can share their opinions or wishes on which investors reacts. This is reason why Department of Justice wants step in to probe potential trading manipulation.

Winklevoss, president of the Gemini exchange:

“We welcome any inquiry that serves to foster rules-based marketplaces and deter bad actors,”

Spencer Bogart of cryptocurrency hedge fund Blockchain Capital said:

“I don’t have any first-hand evidence of manipulation of Bitcoin prices but given that even the most highly regulated and most liquid markets in the world (e.g. Libor, FX markets, commodities) have consistently proven to be manipulated, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise,”


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