ZachXBT Recovered Most of the Stolen NFT Revenue

Blockchain investigator ZachXBT has revealed his 9-month research of stolen DeGods NFT and recovered a decent chunk of the stolen funds.

ZachXBT Recovered Most of the Stolen NFT Revenue

In an X post on 24 February, ZachXBT announced to his 505,200 followers his 9-month investigation into the theft of DeGods #3251 NFT, revealing that the majority of the funds have now been returned to the victims.

ZachXBT received a message from the victim who asked ZachXBT to help him retrieve his digital artwork. The stolen rank 1 DeGods non-fungible token (NFT) was sold in May 2023 for $177,000 (99 ETH), after the original NFT holder fell victim to a phishing scam.

“I am pleased to share that I was able to help recover a decent chunk of the stolen funds which have now been returned back to the victim,” noted ZachXBT.

Furthermore, the duration of ZachXBT’s investigation can vary, depending on the complexity involved. He often uses simple charts to show his followers how phishing scams occur and to track money flow, even through cryptocurrency mixers.

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