Zelis CTO to Encourage Use of Blockchain In The Medical World

The CTO of Zelis corporation is urging doctors and health care providers to use blockchain to help store information.

Zelis CTO to Encourage Use of Blockchain In The Medical World

Zelis, a ‘pay for care, with care’ healthcare corporation, is quite positive about the effect blockchain could have on the healthcare system. Kali Durgampudi, the CTO of Zelis, considers blockchain to be a crucial key to safekeeping the delicate information of patients from hackers and cybercriminals.

Ever since technology has come into play in our lives, humans have tried to digitize as much information as possible. However, in the medical world, this process has seen some drawbacks. “Blockchain technology has the potential to alleviate many of these concerns,” Durgampudi said, emphasizing the importance of using an “impenetrable” digital ledger.

“Since the information cannot be modified or copied, blockchain technology vastly reduces security risks, giving hospitals and healthcare IT organizations a much stronger line of defense against cybercriminals.”

To add to the benefits of blockchain in documenting information, Durgampudi added that this technology could also help with payments and other transactions as it is more efficient and much safer, saying that payers were not eager to send information through emails.

“Blockchain provides both payers and providers with complete visibility into the entire lifecycle of a claim, from the patient registering at the front desk to disputing a cost to sending an explanation of benefits.”

All in all, as our world gets gradually more digitalized, people are coming up with more innovations to keep us and our information safe.

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