$589K Stolen from Microsoft’s App Store by Fake Ledger Live App

Almost $600,000 was stolen over 38 transactions, with the largest transfer totaling $81,200.

$589K Stolen from Microsoft’s App Store by Fake Ledger Live App

According to cryptocurrency informant ZachXBT, the users who downloaded a fake Ledger Live application on Microsoft’s app store have become victims of a fraud case. Currently, the fake Ledger Live app resulted in almost $600,000 in Bitcoin (BTC) stolen from Microsoft’s app store.

On November 5, the chain analysts discovered a scam called “Ledger Live Web3”, which led users to believe they were downloading “Ledger Live”. The scammer has received $589,000 worth of funds in 40 transactions.

The fake “Ledger Live Web3” application appeared in Microsoft’s app store on 19 October. The first transaction, valued at $5,210 was sent to the scammer’s wallet address on 24 October.

Most of these transactions took place after 2 November, with the largest transfer of $81,200 occurring on 4 November. Microsoft seems to now have removed the fake application from the store.

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