Almost Three-Fourths of the World’s Wealthiest Own Digital Assets

A research institute comes up with an interesting report.

Almost Three-Fourths of the World’s Wealthiest Own Digital Assets

A new survey conducted by the Capgemini Research Institute has asked investors questions about their wealth management, which included, among else, crypto-related inquiries. The research was administered on a sample of 2,973 global High Net Worth Individuals.

54% of the asked have stated their net worth belongs to the category of $1 million to $30 million, while 46% reported their wealth to be over $30 million.

The survey was aimed at asking questions about investment preferences among investors for emerging asset classes, to which digital assets belong, as well as ETFs, NFTs, and metaverse products.

The survey has found that nine out of ten investors under the age of 40 held cryptocurrencies. The biggest discovery, however, was that 71% of the High Net Worth Individuals overall held digital assets in one way or another.

Nilesh Vaidya, Capgemini’s head of retail has commented on this:

“The influx of new investment avenues such as sustainable investing and digital assets is having a crucial impact on the wealth management industry. Wealth management firms must prioritize providing timely education around this trend to retain their customers.”

Yet again, it has been confirmed that despite turbulent markets, investors are still very keen on cryptocurrencies, especially those of the younger generations. Bitcoin is currently oscillating around $21K, and the next few days should decide which trajectory it takes.

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