An Investment Expert Predicts Colossal Growth for Crypto by 2030

Former Goldman Sachs executive believes that crypto’s unprecedented growth signalizes its bright future.

An Investment Expert Predicts Colossal Growth for Crypto by 2030

Raoul Pal, an investment expert and former Goldman Sachs executive, sat down with Scott Melker for a discussion about what the future holds for the cryptocurrency markets. He is convinced that by 2030 digital assets will dominate the world.

“It’s the fastest growth of any asset class in all history,” says Pal, while stressing the importance of the phenomenon not only being about the value but also about the technology, whose widespread adoption is also unprecedented.

According to his calculations, throughout the next few years, the overall market volume should increase more than tenfold:

“We’re at 300 million active users worldwide in digital assets. Essentially, it’s growing at 185% [per year]. We get to 600 million-plus, call it 750 million, by the end of this year. Even if we have a slow year – we get to 500 million. The year after, it’s a billion. The year after that, it’s two billion. Year after that – four billion. [...] I think, from the $2 trillion asset class today to the $200 trillion asset class, that’s [...] by the end of the decade.”

Pal also believes that at this rate of growth many new crypto projects will fail, while others will thrive that will be able to offer something unique: “Obviously, a bunch of this stuff is never going to gain network adoption, that’s fine. [...] We all get lost in the day-to-day of the ups and downs in the market, [...] shouting at each other over, you know, Cardano versus whatever. And it’s just all noise.”

The expert emphasizes that it is more important that people will take part in these projects than which particular project one invests in. It will be interesting to see if his predictions about half the world’s population using crypto by 2030 come true.

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