Apple CEO Confirms Owning Crypto

Tim Cook has stated that he has cryptocurrencies in his personal portfolio.

Apple CEO Confirms Owning Crypto

In his latest discussion at the New York Times’ Dealbook conference, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, confirmed that he owns crypto in his personal portfolio. He stated that while he does not want to offer any investment advice, he thinks it is a sensible part of his asset diversification.

I’ve been interested in it for a while. I’ve been researching it and so forth... I think it’s interesting,” he says. However, he did not indicate which cryptocurrency he had bought.

As for his vision for Apple, he elaborated that there were no plans to invest any of the company’s finances into crypto “in the immediate future.” He did, however, tease “other things” the company is supposedly looking into.

As for his stance on NFTs, he replied that he finds them “interesting”, but added that “it will take a while to play out in a way that is for the mainstream person.”

Later on, he talks about Apple’s unchanging attitude against installing apps on iPhones that are based elsewhere than the Apple store, due to safety reasons, as well as Apple’s legal battle with Epic Games.

You can watch the whole interview here.

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