Atari is launching a massive crypto campaign this month

Atari is launching a massive crypto campaign this month
An American company involved in the development of gaming hardware and computer games is launching the sale of tokens and a new gaming console.

Atari comes into the world of cryptocurrencies in a big way and together with the announcement of the beginning of the sale of its own tokens, it also informs about the delivery of its own game console.

The company comes with its own gaming console after more than 20 years this November, and with this move, Atari seems to have created the perfect strategy to connect tokens to the gaming world. This mini console will provide its users with access to more than 100 games in which you will be able to buy various products using Atari tokens.

According to the information provided by Bloomberg, Atari tokens worth $ 1 million will go on sale on October 29 on and the price for 1 token is 25 cents.

We have a brand, we have a following — we think we are going to get some attention in any case,

Chief Executive Officer, Frederic Chesnais

Frederic also added that their competition is the iPhone rather than the Xbox or Playstation, so he thinks their product must be good.

In addition to the token, the company is also working on a game stablecoin, which will be available to players who need a stable value, but it is not close to launch yet.

Frederic Chesnais has a strong position in the company, because he was the one who helped Atari the most in 2013, when she had the most difficult period and was close to bankruptcy. 

After 7 years of efforts and revitalization of companies, Frederic is therefore more or less sure that this is how Atari can become a more modern and relevant company.

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