Blockchain-Based Non-SIM Accounts on Telegram

A blockchain-based number has been added to Telegram's security features.

Blockchain-Based Non-SIM Accounts on Telegram

Telegram has updated its app to allow users to create accounts based on blockchain-based anonymous numbers instead of cell numbers.

Users can now hide their phone numbers from everyone on Telegram, which is likely to please people who value privacy. Telegram already hides personal phone numbers from non-added users.

Among crypto enthusiasts, the messaging platform is popular. On Dec. 6, a 9.2 update also enabled users to auto-delete timers on new chat messages.


Fragment, a decentralized auction platform founded by Telegram creator Pavel Durov, offers "blockchain-powered anonymous numbers" for purchase.

Only Telegram users can buy user names and anonymous numbers from Fragment. The Open Network (TON) token is used for purchases on the platform.

Sadly, Fragment doesn't offer its services to citizens of the United States.

Telegram users can then receive verification codes after purchasing a number.

For 9 TON ($16), people can purchase a random number or buy and sell them. Currently, "+888 8 888" has the highest bid of 33,075 TON ($60,527), which indicates that some specific numbers are in high demand.

In response to yet another instance of malfeasance by a centralized crypto entity, Durov revealed via his Telegram channel on Nov. 30 that the company is building decentralized tools.

According to Durov, Telegram is working on decentralized exchanges and non-custodial wallets.

“The solution is clear: blockchain-based projects should go back to their roots – decentralization. Cryptocurrency users should switch to trustless transactions and self-hosted wallets that don't rely on any single third party," he wrote.

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