in Talks for an IPO Before the End of 2022

The exchange is planning to attempt Initial Public Offering this year, which would make it the second crypto exchange to do so. in Talks for an IPO Before the End of 2022

According to recent news brought by Bloomberg, the crypto exchange and blockchain explorer has started discussions with American banks about the possibility of bringing forth an Initial Public Offering (IPO) before 2022 ends.

Even though the discussions are still in their early phase, the exchange has now entered into direct competition with Binance.US for the title of the second public crypto exchange. The first exchange to achieve this feat was Coinbase just last year with an opening price of $381 per share of COIN.

While might face complications due to the US strict regulatory measures, Binance.US’s small hindrance stems from proving its independence from its mother company Binance. Both exchanges, therefore, have equal chances to be the next in line to come with an IPO.

Other cryptocurrency exchanges that we know of that might be racing towards an IPO soon are Gemini and Kraken. It will be interesting to see which of these will be successful with these endeavors and if this will become the new trend among the exchanges.

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