Blockchain to Fight the War?

DFINITY’s CEO introduces a proposal to use blockchain technology in the fight against Putin’s aggression.

Blockchain to Fight the War?

Dominic Williams, the founder of DFINITY Internet Computers, has come up with a proposal that details the use of blockchain technology to help fight Russian propaganda, using $250 million worth of crypto rewards as an incentive program.

In his article, he describes how the system should work. Verified Russian citizens would watch a video detailing the events of the Russian war in Ukraine, describing the real face of Putin’s aggression. As a reward for watching the footage, they would unlock access to a crypto wallet with Bitcoin or Ether rewards.

The smart contract in this case would be conditioned in a way that in order to receive the reward the participants would have to watch the entire video from start to end.

Williams believes that this initiative would greatly help fight the stream of misinformation in the Russian media:We should not hold out too much hope that sanctions alone will turn the Russian population against their leaders, for the simple reason that they control their media, which dutifully pumps out carefully-crafted propaganda and false information.

Despite the appeal of the program, the plan has its opposers. Many believe that it is overtly complicated and relies on several unpredictable factors, such as the Russians not turning their internet off. Some voices have been heard, calling the proposal a publicity stunt.

All in all, the proposal is out there, waiting for initiatives to pick it up, and in the grand scheme of things, it could possibly help deal at least a little blow to the country’s propaganda. And if several such blows land, it could further tip the scales of the ongoing conflict in favor of the oppressed. However, only time will tell.

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