US Senatorial Candidate Promises to Make Bitcoin “Legal Tender”

Bryan Solstin makes it his primary objective to bring the cryptocurrency to the masses.

US Senatorial Candidate Promises to Make Bitcoin “Legal Tender”

A Washington State US candidate for the Senate has proclaimed his fondness of cryptocurrencies in his recent tweet, in which he is making some bold promises.

Should Bryan Solstin be chosen for the Senate, he proclaims that he would make it his top priority to make Bitcoin a “legal tender,” which in practice would mean that the digital asset would be legalized as the country’s official means of payment along with the US dollar.

He further advocates that Bitcoin is the “Great Reset,” referring to a famous quote from Klaus Schwab, the Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), who said that capitalism in the world needed to start anew, hence the term reset.

It seems rather bold to proclaim that one would pursue such endeavors as properly legalizing Bitcoin on a country-wide scale. In the current climate, many would deem such efforts unrealistic and outright futile, as crypto is not yet widely accepted as a proper asset.

And yet, several public polls and surveys have been showing a positive trend in the area of crypto perception recently, especially among the younger generations of not only Americans but also people across the globe. Solstin might be trying to appeal to this group of the population, and in the next elections, we might as well see how big it is.

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