Brazilian Real Estate Agency to Accept Bitcoin Payments

Apartment hunting has just become easier for Brazilian crypto enthusiasts.

Brazilian Real Estate Agency to Accept Bitcoin Payments

A major Brazilian real estate developer, Gafisa, is now going to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment for their apartments on offer, official press release confirms. This provides an opportunity for the country’s investors to choose a different payment method that propels the real estate market into the future.

The firm has become yet another worldwide publicly-traded company that now accepts crypto. Guilherme Augusto Soares Benevides, Chief Executive Officer of Gafisa has voiced his support for this decision:

“Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency in market value and it is a currency that is growing in popularity every day, also expanding the possibilities of its use. There is a natural tendency to digitize payments. If we stop to think that the Central Bank will launch the digital real in 2022, we can conclude that, in fact, digital currencies are increasingly present in the world.”

He further adds that one cannot move along in business without acknowledging that digital assets are a proper means of payment, and believes that incorporating Bitcoin will enhance the customer experience.

The company requires the buyer to fill out a special intent form that is later evaluated in an in-depth analysis. If the offer gets accepted, the buyer is obliged to provide the agreed-upon sum in Bitcoin.

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