Coinbase Donates $150K in Crypto to Haiti

The crypto exchange giant provides digital funds for Haitian people in need.

Coinbase Donates $150K in Crypto to Haiti

Hope for Haiti, a humanitarian foundation, and Emerging Impact, financial inclusion company have announced that Coinbase would be making a $150,000 crypto donation for their pilot project that shall provide financial aid for the victims of multiple earthquakes that have been affecting the country and the recent civil unrests following the assassination of the Haitian president Jovenel Moïse last July.

In the last twelve years, there have been four earthquakes that struck the Caribbean Island, the last of which hit only this Monday with a magnitude of 5.3 and two confirmed dead.

Coinbase’s donation shall provide humanitarian aid for 1,500 families who were affected by the aforementioned earthquakes and civil unrest. The people of Haiti should be able to use the funds to buy goods and services, as more than thirty Haitian merchants have hopped on the project, or they can exchange the digital funds for cash.

This initiative with Hope for Haiti and Emerging Impact is particularly exciting because of how it uses blockchain-based technology to promote more efficient and effective giving, hopefully serving as an inspiration for ideas across the crypto economy and philanthropic sectors, said Coinbase’s Dominique Baillet.

Coinbase thus joins the list of organizations that dipped their toes in humanitarian aid using blockchain and crypto, such as the Yield Guild Games that provided crypto aid to the Philippines, or the Austin Disaster Relief Network that formed after Austin, Texas was hit with a winter storm last year.

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