Crypto Donations to Ukraine Surpass $50 Million

The donations should be dropped into the state’s official checkbook tomorrow.

Crypto Donations to Ukraine Surpass $50 Million

Following last week’s uncanny events, it feels like the whole world has joined forces to help Ukraine, and the crypto community is no exception to that. According to official Slowmist data, the country has now received more than $50 million in crypto.

Alongside Bitcoin, the country has also started to accept Ethereum, USDT, TRON, Polkadot, and others, which has greatly helped to amass the number of donations as well. The organizations receiving the digital financial help are as follows: Ukraine Government, Ukrainian NGO: Come Back Alive, UkraineDAO, Unchain.Fund, and AidForUkraine.

The official Ukrainian Twitter account has announced a crypto airdrop that is supposed to take place tomorrow. During this event, the donated cryptocurrency tokens should get distributed among several military and humanitarian projects.

Some notable donations came from Binance, which has donated $10 million worth of Bitcoin to the Ukrainian government, or Gavin Wood, the Polkadot creator, who has donated $5 million worth of Polkadot.

While the crypto exchanges are still refusing to freeze Russian wallets, it is clear where the crypto community stands in this matter. Some experts also claim that the chances of Russia bypassing its sanctions through crypto are very small. What nobody expected last week is now a reality, Ukraine might actually stand a chance against its oppressor.

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