Crypto Enjoys Popularity in Emerging Markets, Survey Shows

75% of investors in emerging markets say they plan to increase the value of their crypto assets.

Crypto Enjoys Popularity in Emerging Markets, Survey Shows

In their 2022 Cryptocurrency Landscape survey, Toluna, a think tank company, has brought some interesting results regarding the adoption of crypto across multiple markets. They found out that up to 75% of the respondents in emerging markets intend to amass more crypto into their portfolios.

The survey consisted of 9,000 respondents across 17 markets and focused on their thoughts on cryptocurrencies, their investment habits, and their possible future ventures on the market.

The majority of the respondents (61%) have stated they have heard about crypto, however, only 23% claimed to be familiar with it. Of those who had invested in crypto, 41% did so to amass short-term growth, while 40% intended to hold digital assets long-term, and 33% bought cryptocurrencies to diversify their portfolio.

The survey also showed that investors in established markets are less prone to invest in digital assets than those in emerging ones. 75% of investors from the emerging APAC and LATAM markets claimed that they will be broadening their crypto portfolio. This shows that crypto has the potential to flourish in younger markets as opposed to the established ones, which goes along the lines of being a relatively new phenomenon.

Moreover, 42% of investors in these new markets claimed they had already invested in crypto, while only 22% of the established market investors had done so.

The survey closes with the final insights of mostly those from a younger generation having trust and having previously invested in crypto, as opposed to the so-called older “baby boomers.” This result is somewhat expected, as it is widely accepted that cryptocurrencies are a trend among the young and the more digitally literate.

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