Crypto Makes Its Way into Music Videos

A Spanish singer becomes the world’s first to have his music video financed completely by Bitcoin.

Crypto Makes Its Way into Music Videos

Huecco, a Spanish artist has just released his new single, which would normally be business as usual, however, the music video to his new song has been financed by Bitcoin in its entirety.

The project, titled Bajo Tu Piel (Under Your Skin), was endorsed by the cryptocurrency platform Coinmotion, as confirmed in their latest press release. The goal of this collaboration was to promote crypto and further help it into the mainstream.

We went from being a customer to collaborators in this historic and comforting joint venture of a crypto broker and music,” says the singer.

The Coinmotion CEO, Heidi Hurskainen adds: “We like to innovate with “premium on-demand services, being the first to launch the Private Crypto Banking service in Spain. When Huecco asked us to collaborate on such a pioneering project that apart from being the first video clip in the world financed entirely with Bitcoin, it allows us to contribute to raising awareness and promoting the development of the sector in Spain, we did not hesitate to participate in it.

In 2020, Spain was the fifth country in the world ranking of cryptocurrency performance, only behind the USA, China, Japan, and the UK. With the latest crypto ban in China, however, Spain seems to be on its way to stealing its spot this year.

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