El Salvador pumps Bitcoin in the form of a Gigantic Airdrop

The President of El Salvador today officially unveiled the government's BTC wallet and with it an incentive plan to give away $ 30 to anyone who starts using it.

El Salvador pumps Bitcoin in the form of a Gigantic Airdrop

El Salvador is really serious about integrating Bitcoin into the daily lives of its people, as President Nayib Bukele has convinced us today.

During today's press conference, Nayib Bukele first presented an official government wallet called chivo, which will be available to all citizens of the country for storage and payment with BTC.

At this conference, however, we witnessed another and more spectacular announcement, namely the revelation of a plan on how the country wants to motivate citizens to use and download the application.

El Salvador is betting on a proven strategy that is popular with start-up crypto companies that want to make their crypto tokens or coins more widely known. At the conference, President Nayib Bukele promised that each citizen who downloaded the application would receive $ 30 worth of BTC in their account.

In this case, we will witness the largest BTC airdrop to date, which will be distributed to more than 4 million adult population. According to wikipedia, El Salvador had a total population of 6,486,000 in 2020, of which 64.8% were between the ages of 15 and 64.

El Salvador's population - Wikipedia

In recalculation, El Salvador should distribute more than $ 126M to 4,202,928 adult citizens in Bitcoins.

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