Ethereum has lost up to 23% of all nodes in the last 2 months

Although the second most popular cryptocurrency of ETH has only recently achieved new ATH, the number of nodes is declining.

Ethereum has lost up to 23% of all nodes in the last 2 months

Cryptocurrency Ethereum has recently become increasingly popular, but it is all the more surprising that the number of nodes that verify blocks and transaction data is declining.

To compare this development, we have taken the statistics we shared with you on March 26, less than two months ago. At that time, 6,841 nodes were found worldwide, a decrease of -23% compared to today's 5,259.

Ethereum Node Tracker

As for the TOP 10 countries, almost all of them experienced a decline in nodes with one exception. This exception is currently the controversial India where cryptocurrencies are not very welcome. India replaced Ireland in 10th place with 66 ETH nodes currently registered.

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