Honeywell brings Blockchain to the Aerospace Industry

Honeywell brings Blockchain to the Aerospace Industry

Keeping records in the aerospace industry is now easier thanks to the digitization offered by Honeywell, informs PR.

Honeywell comes up with the full integration of aircraft records into their digital Blockchain book. As a result, it provides customers with a simplified search for a large amount of data, which streamlines the entire process.

Lisa Butters, general manager for Honeywell’s GoDirect Trade and applications owner for blockchain technologies said:

Honeywell’s offering is like a search engine, but it works for anything and everything related to aircraft parts and service,

Honeywell manufactures and repairs thousands of aerospace parts each day, and now all of those events, including the generated air worthiness certificates, go on chain. In aerospace, this is a game-changing technology that will simplify and transform recordkeeping for aircraft owners and airlines around the world.

The company’s goal is to offer technology to several partners and it definitely does not want to become the only aircraft company and be a monopol that will use it.

Honeywell launched its first blockchain project already in 2018 and it was the GoDirect Trade, which is used to buy and sell new but also used parts for aircraft. GoDirect currently has more than 2,700 active companies and 7,000 users, creating more than $ 8 million in transactions since launch.

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