JPMorgan's wealthy clients now have access to a passive Bitcoin fund

J.P. Morgan as one of the world’s oldest, largest and well-known financial institutions is launching a new fund focusing on Bitcoin.

JPMorgan's wealthy clients now have access to a passive Bitcoin fund

Institutional interest in Bitcoin has reached another important milestone after JPMorgan announced the launch of a new Bitcoin fund for private clients.

According to a report reproduced by CoinDesk, it is a passively managed fund offered in collaboration with NYDIG, a leading  technology and finance company dedicated to Bitcoin.

JPMorgan has long claimed that it wants to offer its clients the safest and cheapest tool to invest in Bitcoins, and therefore launches the aforementioned fund, which was launched this week.

In this case, one of the world's oldest financial institutions really preferred what clients wanted, because as you know, CEO Jamie Dimon himself is not a fan of cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoin.

Jamie Dimon last commented on Bitcoin in May when he told WSJ that he was not a supporter of Bitcoin and therefore did not care, but on the other hand acknowledged that there were clients who were interested in this class of assets.

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