McDonald’s Singapore Launching 2,000 Limited NFTs

Each McDonald’s NFTs are unique and are neither transferable nor tradable.

McDonald’s Singapore Launching 2,000 Limited NFTs

The fast food icon Grimace enters the NFT world with McDonald’s Singapore giveaways. This collaboration came to work with a Singapore-based crypto firm Bandwagon Labs and was designed with the local NFT handcraft artist The Hidden Wall.

The Senior Director of Digital Customers Experience at McDonald’s Singapore, Drina Chee detailed the venture:

“We’re excited to bring Grimace closer to our fans through these unique digital collectibles. Grimace holds a special place in the hearts of many of our superfans, and this initiative allows us to evolve the character from nostalgic memories to love for all generations.”

From August 21, the enthusiasts can start minting the Grimace NFTs on an Ethereum scaling network, Polygon. It wears different expressions and accessories, each containing a unique combination of attributes. Each Polygon NFT will be in the form of a “soul-bound” token, which means it is non-tradable and it is purely a free souvenir for McDonald’s customers.

In addition, users can connect their NFT wallets to the platform using the web3auth or the MetaMask app.

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