Miners in Kazakhstan to Face Greater Scrutiny

The Kazakh government amps up its information requirements for greater energy consumption monitoring.

Miners in Kazakhstan to Face Greater Scrutiny

After last year’s mining ban in China, there has been an influx of miners coming into neighboring Kazachstan. The country’s official authorities have caught up to this turn of events and decided that actions need to be taken.

Unfortunately for the country’s miners, the Kazakh government has published an order that greatly inconveniences them. It compels any mining operation to provide detailed information on their activities 30 days before their mining starts.

The information should contain what type of mining equipment the company plans to use, what the power consumption is going to be, and also if there are any investments planned for the next twelve months.

The government has decided on these strict rules out of the fear that many of the new mining operations coming over from China might put an extreme strain on the country’s power grid.

The community does not welcome this move, as according to the latest Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index (CBECI) information, Kazakhstan accounts for 18.1% of all the BTC mining in the world. The mining conditions in the country, therefore, become much harsher.

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