New York and California Take the Lead in Crypto Hires, LinkedIn Confirms

According to the Bloomberg statistics supported by the social network LinkedIn, New York, Austin, and San Francisco bay have hired the most employees in the crypto industry in 2021.

New York and California Take the Lead in Crypto Hires, LinkedIn Confirms

Bloomberg has rounded up 15 American cities with the most hires in the crypto industry over the past year. In cooperation with LinkedIn, they were looking at job descriptions of newly hired employees, with a focus on keywords, such as “crypto”, “blockchain”, “Bitcoin”, “Ethereum”, and others.

San Francisco and its surrounding areas took the lead with 4.0 crypto hires per 100.000 LinkedIn profiles, followed by Austin with the average number of 3.0 hires, and New York with 2.8, while having the biggest market share.

The fourth and fifth places belong to Miami and Denver, both with an average of 2.4 hies per 100.000 LinkedIn profiles. Surprisingly, the top 10 includes smaller cities too, such as Salt Lake City, Albany, and Raleigh.

Diogo Monica, the co-founder of crypto technology services company Anchorage Digital, says that this occurrence is only natural for a decentralized environment, such as crypto. “Cities and states with lower taxes, great infrastructure, and quick access to an international airport will benefit from fully remote work,” he adds.

It is conclusive that the crypto industry didn’t settle in one place, like, for example, New York’s finances, or San Francisco’s tech industry, but it is rather dispersed throughout all the states.

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