Only hydropower mining farms remain in China, Texas boasts that it will be the new Mecca

Regulations in China have forced many crypto mining companies to leave the country, but there are countries that these mining companies like to welcome, such as Texas.

Only hydropower mining farms remain in China, Texas boasts that it will be the new Mecca

Not much time has passed since China decided to fight Bitcoin mining, but in addition to the companies concerned, countries that want to get these companies into their territory have also managed to react to this situation.

The CEO of a leading cryptocurrency mining pool Jiang Zhuoer said today that all mining facilities in China are now shut down, saying that only hydropower mining farms in Sichuan remained in the country. In China, therefore, only clean energy is used by miners from now on.

So where will all the other Chinese mining companies move?

One of the hottest favorites today is the US state of Texas, which was only recently named the emerging mecca of crypto farms.

Compared to other states in the USA, Texas is cheaper in terms of energy prices, but it still has competition from the states of North America, where several well-known Chinese companies have already moved.

It is therefore highly likely that these will be two areas, the state of Texas and the states of North America.

As for Texas, other attractions for miners are, among other things, the positive attitude of Governor Greg Abbott himself, as well as the friendly regulatory environment. Texas also has a lot of solar and wind energy, which means that miners could use renewable energy most of the time.

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