Playboy enters the art of NFT

Playboy enters the art of NFT
  • American men’s lifestyle and entertainment magazine  announced today the launch of an online art gallery based on the NFT.
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are gaining popularity in every field of art and from today, even in the most famous men’s magazine Playboy.

Playboy informed about it today on its Twitter with several posts.

In the first post, the magazine first mentioned the platform on where the Playboy art gallery will be available, which is Nifty Gateway. With this step, Playboy decided to partner with the popular crypto exchange Gemini, because it owns this marketplace with the NFTs.

We also learned about the first artists, which are Balake or Slimesunday. Specifically, Slimesunday has prepared a truly original work for this event, combining the playboy logo and the stamp on which the probable founder of BTC, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Finally, Playboy did not forget to point out that it is enthusiastic about all the innovations that Blockchain offers and that the company will henceforth support artists as well as collectors in this way.

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