President of the NYSE: The crypto space is amazing right now

Thomas Farley as a NYSE president makes no secret of the enthusiasm for Coinbase's listing on the Nasdaq as well as the rise of the crypto industry.

President of the NYSE: The crypto space is amazing right now

Trading in Coinbase shares on the Nasdaq market has been live for more than a week, but the euphoria and the commotion around the event are still not quiet.

Also based on this event, today's guest in an interview for CNBC was the president of The New York Stock Exchange Thomas Farley, who is apparently a big fan of cryptocurrencies.

Right at the beginning, Thomas Farley suggested to the moderator that it would be more exciting to talk about the crypto, because it is ALL IN. Thomas then continued to compliment Coinbase, which he thinks is good company, but also revealed that he trusted it back in 2013 when he invested $10 million in it on behalf of the NYSE.

The president of the NYSE did not hide his enthusiasm during the whole conversation, as evidenced by his other words "The crypto space is amazing right now,.. I think it's the best kept the secret in the world, and maybe the history of the financial markets,".

What was even more surprising, however, was when Thomas began to talk about how big the Coinbase crypto exchange is in terms of trading volume, but according to him DeFi exchanges are perhaps making even larger volumes today.

DeFi exchanges are doing as much volume if not more than Coinbase today.

At the end of the cryptocurrency interview, Thomas did not forget to add that even though the Wall Street banks had been creating markets for centuries, they simply ignored it, which is allowing Coinbase to become an $80 billion company.

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