SEC Stresses Crypto Investor Protection Equality

Chairman Gary Gensler believes crypto investments need equal protection to traditional assets.

SEC Stresses Crypto Investor Protection Equality

Yet another good news for crypto enthusiasts! It seems that the officials are starting to warm up to digital assets as Gary Gensler, chair of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), discussed the importance of protection of crypto investors at yesterday’s Conference on the Future of Digital Assets.

In his remarks, he stated that he would urge the commission to adopt more measures to ensure the investors' protection, saying that with the technology evolving rapidly, the law should respond adequately. “There’s no reason to treat the crypto market differently just because different technology is used,” he added.

In Gensler’s view, regulations with respect to the protection of both investors and customers are going to ensure that the crypto market is going to meet the golden standard of their market regulations and thus provide a greater warranty for everyone involved.

“We already have robust ways to protect investors trading on platforms. And we have robust ways to protect investors when entrepreneurs want to raise money from the public. We ought to apply these same protections in the crypto markets,” Gensler emphasized.

While the regulations to ensure better protection on the crypto platforms are yet to be established, this recent news seems to confirm that society is headed in the right direction, when it comes to the ambition to achieve greater clarity in the crypto sector.

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