Survey Reveals Luna’s Crash’s Impact on People’s Lives

A Twitter account conducted research into the lives of those affected by the Luna fallout.

Survey Reveals Luna’s Crash’s Impact on People’s Lives

It has been a week since almost $20 billion worth has been completely lost in the Luna crash, an event of unprecedented proportions that completely devastated many investors’ savings. In one fell swoop, the cryptocurrency lost 99% of its value.

To demonstrate the gravity of the whole situation and how it affected individual people’s lives, a Twitter account has conducted a survey where they not only asked statistic-based questions but also for the investor’s stories and feelings about the incident, as according to their words, “numbers and charts make it hard to quantify the scale of the tragedy.”

“I am not a speculator, I just wanted to save money. it was not only my money but my family’s money accumulated over the years,” shared one of the Terra victims, while another one added: “Since losing it I feel completely insecure and afraid. I find myself waking up in the middle of the night feeling panicked about the uncertainty of my financial future.”

The survey found that 92% of the victims felt a tremendous impact on their finances after the crash. 87% of them also felt an impact on their mental health, with an alarming 41% contemplating self-harm or even suicide. 91% have experienced insomnia and 47% have further stated that the crash has caused disruptions with their family members.

“The average number of years that people spent building up the savings that they lost is 5 years. The median is 3 years. Two people have lost 20 years of their savings,“ adds the Twitter account to further paint a horrifying picture of the sad reality for many an investor.

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