Tesla has allocated 2.3% of its assets in cryptocurrencies

Based on Tesla's latest balance sheet, it is confirmed that the company holds $1.3 Billion in cryptocurrencies.

Tesla has allocated 2.3% of its assets in cryptocurrencies

Despite Tesla's decision to suspend payments in Bitcoin in reference to the increased consumption of fossil fuels in their mining, cryptocurrencies are still part of their company's assets.

This fact is confirmed by the latest report of the company for the period Q2 2021, which also includes a balance sheet revealing the value of digital assets.

Q2 2021 - Tesla

As of June 30, 2021, Tesla reported $1.3 Billion in digital assets, meaning that the initial investment earlier this year was the only one under this investment strategy.

The positive thing in this situation, however, is that Tesla did not actually sell any cryptocurrencies, and therefore not even Bitcoin, which means that it keeps its word and is a real Hodler.

If we look at it in terms of what percentage Tesla keeps in cryptocurrencies, in this case it is only a fraction and therefore 2.3% of all assets. However, it already looks better when comparing cash vs digital assets. Tesla holds $16.2B in cash and cash equivalents, which means that assets in cryptocurrencies account for 8% of how much the company reports cash.

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