The 41-year-old Italian technician turned the airport into an illegal Ethereum mining farm

The 41-year-old Italian technician turned the airport into an illegal Ethereum mining farm
The airport of Lamezia Terme recently uncovered an illegal crypto mining farm operated by a chief IT technician.

The information was brought and confirmed today by the Italian news platform Rai, which also claims that this 41-year-old technician endangered the IT security of the entire airport. Specifically, it is about Lamezia Terme International Airport, an airport in the Sant’Eufemia district of Lamezia Terme, Calabria, Italy.

The staff of the Postal Police of Reggio Calabria and Catanzaro were the first to discover this illegal crypto mining and immediately accused the 41-year-old technician. The technician who worked here was responsible for the airport’s computer infrastructure, abused this position and created a crypto mining farm in the control room.

Investigators found a total of five executive Mining Rigs in two different rooms, which were connected to the external Internet network through the systems used to manage airport services. This illegal mining farm also used electricity to mine cryptocurrencies, which served and supplied the airport, so it did not have to bear any costs.

After a thorough investigation and examination of the IP addresses, it was also possible to identify that the mining took place in the Ethermine pool, which exclusively mines the cryptocurrency Ethereum. The CCTV system that was installed in these rooms was subsequently the strongest evidence that identified this perpetrator / employee.

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