The crypto community received an early Christmas present in the form of the new Bitcoin ATH

The crypto community received an early Christmas present in the form of the new Bitcoin ATH
Social networks are flooded today with reports that Bitcoin has reached the new ATH.

Today is marked by Bitcoin, which for the first time in history has surpassed the $ 20K price tag. Bitcoin has not only surpassed this long-awaited area but it will most likely continue even higher.

According to CoinMarketCap, which averages the price of all crypto exchanges, Bitcoin today reached a maximum price of $ 20,820.

Bitcoin has been in the $ 20K price range since November 24, but whenever the bulls tried to beat the price, the sellers stopped them.

Today, however, it finally came out and we congratulate it on behalf of the entire CCNEWS24 team!

If we look at the possible reasons for this growth there are more than enough of them lately. Recall only the recent reports of how large institutions have invested in Bitcoin.

One of them was the American mutual life insurance company, which has bought Bitcoin worth $ 100 million. Immediately afterwards, there were reports of a London investment company allocating 2.5% of its assets under management to Bitcoin.

Last but not least, let’s not forget Grayscale, the largest crypto investment company, which has recently announced that their total AUM is worth $ 13.0 billion.

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