The group of new Bitcoin HODLers is growing, as evidenced by the latest statistics

The group of new Bitcoin HODLers is growing, as evidenced by the latest statistics
  • The number of HODLers who bought Bitcoin in recent months is growing and the volume of coins have swelled by over 9.51% of the supply.
Currently, the bullish mood in the Bitcoin market still persists, so it is very important to monitor the development of a group of those who do not plan to sell but hold BTC and thus HODLers.

To better understand the current situation, we borrowed data from glassnode analysts, who examined this group of Bitcoin investors in detail.

At present, the growth of coins, which are between 1 and 6 months old, continues, i.e. those that have accumulated throughout the bull season. According to statistics, most of these coins are starting to mature more and soon, when they exceed more than 6 months, they will become long-term holders of LTH (life time hodlers).

These HODLers bought BTCs in price ranges 6 months ago when the price was around $ 10.8k, 3 months ago at an approximate price of $ 26.6k but also a month ago when the price was at $ 47.7k.

However, let’s look at a specific graph that shows the increase in the volume of coins of these HODLers.

As we can see, the volume of coins in the 1 to 6 month category increased by more than 9.51% of the supply with the evidently faster growth rate that began three months ago. Bitcoins purchased between $ 10.8k and $ 58.8k account for up to 25.43% of the total supply.

In terms of more specific BTC numbers, coins aged 1 to 3 months increased by + 830k BTC and coins aged 3 to 5 months increased by + 394.5k BTC.

The positive news, in conclusion, is that investors have bought and continued to accumulate BTC throughout the bull season, and it looks like they do not plan to slow down yet.

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