The latest survey found that up to 65 central banks study CBDCs

The latest survey found that up to 65 central banks study CBDCs
Central banks around the world are raising the focus on digitizing payments and exploring digital currencies.

The international financial institution owned by central banks, the BIS has published a new survey report, which focused on the current attitude of central banks around the world to digital currencies and stablecoins.

The result of the survey was more than surprising when up to two thirds of the participating central banks confirmed that they were studying CBDC and stablecoins. According to published information from FM, the banking authority was to receive responses from up to 65 central banks.

The Bank of International Settlement also states:

Most central banks are now exploring the case for CBDCs in some way and, overall, the survey indicates a continuous move from purely conceptual research to experimentation and pilot projects. Yet despite these developments, a widespread roll out of CBDCs still seems some way off,

Regarding the attitude of banks to existing cryptocurrencies, let us recall only a recent study by Deutsche Bank in which up to 90% of respondents described Bitcoin as a bubble when they marked it with the number 10 according to the bubble scale, which represents the maximum value.

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