The Police in Dubai Is Launching not the First but Second NFT Collection!

The United Arab Emirates are embracing the use of digital assets.

The Police in Dubai Is Launching not the First but Second NFT Collection!

Recent news state the Dubai Police is launching their 2nd batch of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). United Arab Emirates’s (UAE’s) Dubai Police declares itself the first ever governmental sector as well as the world’s first police force to release its own digital asset.

The release of the 2nd batch of NFTs is told to be taking place during the GITEX in Dubai Trade Center this October 10th – 14th. Dubai Police’s first NFT collection has caught the attention of roughly 23 million people worldwide. The collection was only available during the 2nd quarter of this year.

As the UAE government’s interest in crypto and digital assets is rapidly growing, they are looking into NFTs and the possibility to store important documents on the blockchain without the ability to copy, falsify or steal them.

Over 7,000 participants of the social media platforms, which contacted Dubai Police, were hoping to receive one of the 150 free NFTs. Dubai Police had contacted the participants asking them to provide their digital wallet addresses. Later the police selected the lucky 150 individuals which met all the requirements and received the free NFT from them.

Such a rapid adaptation of crypto was previously unthought of by almost any country. The openmindedness of UAE’s Dubai Police department with digital assets only proves that it became useful for legal use too.

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