Study Shows Investing in Crypto Makes You 'More Attractive and Smarter'

75% stated they would be more likely to "swipe right" on crypto investors.

Study Shows Investing in Crypto Makes You 'More Attractive and Smarter'

A recent survey by Crypto Vantage shows that crypto investing makes a person likely to be seen as "more attractive, smarter, and wealthier than non-investors". Individuals responding to the question 'Does Investing in Cryptocurrency Make You More Attractive?' said they are more willing to date a person if cryptocurrency is in their dating profile.

In the survey participated by 1,002 Americans, it was found that half the amount of females consider crypto investors to be more attractive, and 40% of the males regard investors to be more intelligent.

However, more than half of the crypto investors who took the survey declared that investing was one of the reasons for ending their relationship. According to the survey:

"More than three-quarters of respondents would swipe right on someone who mentions being a crypto investor in the dating app, and 55% said they are more likely to go on a date or meet up with someone who invests in crypto."

There may be many, but not everyone is inclined to choose someone on a dating app who invests in crypto. This is because some have been victims of a scam or a crypto fraud as written in an article by Finbold.

Crypto is constantly growing, and more people are starting to use it and take advantage of its benefits. It can be problematic at times, with people losing money to scams, but it is still a big hit and seems to be quite the attraction.

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