The technically proficient Youtuber tried to mine Bitcoin using Nintendo

The technically proficient Youtuber tried to mine Bitcoin using Nintendo
  • Youtuber managed to hack the Nintendo Game Boy, which was launched in 1989 to mine Bitcoins.
At present age, which is characterized by a high interest in cryptocurrencies and also in Bitcon mining, we are witnessing the second attempt to hack the game console for cryptocurrency mining.

We have only recently written to you about the actions of an unnamed enthusiast who tried to hack the Playstation 5 for the purpose of mining cryptocurrencies, but today we have an even more controversial idea.

Behind this idea is Youtuber called stacksmashing who published a video in which he tries to mine bitcoins on the original Nintendo Game Boy, which were launched in 1989.

This technologically savvy user thus faced a great challenge, because in order to mine Bitcoin, he needs an Internet connection, but Nintendo does not have Wi-Fi.

However, YouTuber invented and came up with a solution to connect Nintendo to a computer using a Raspberry Pi Pico connection cable.

Luckily the Game Boy has a link port, which is normally used to perform Pokemon trading and other highly important things, but for mining, we can use it to communicate with a computer. To build an adapter from link cable to USB, I decided to use the Raspberry Pi Pico, as it makes it really easy to implement all kinds of IO protocols, and I was really looking forward to making use of that.


The result of this experiment is a hash rate of 0.8 H / S and therefore, if the creator wanted to mined at least one Bitcoin, he would have to be born again countless times.

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