The US bans all American athletes from using the Digital Yuan during the Beijing Olympics

The United States Senate is concerned about the Chinese government's plans to launch a digital yuan ahead of the Olympics and is urging athletes to boycott it.

The US bans all American athletes from using the Digital Yuan during the Beijing Olympics

The struggle between the United States and the People's Republic of China is deepening, as evidenced by a letter from the United States Senate calling on the Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) to ban all athletes from using the digital yuan.

The letter, signed by three senators, namely Marsha Blackburn, Roger Wicker and Cynthia Lummis, states that they are concerned about the plans of the communist Chinese government, which wants to launch the digital yuan before the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. If it succeeds, it is highly likely that most athletes will be forced to use the digital yuan, which is the biggest problem the senators are referring to.

One of the main reasons why senators are calling for a ban on the use of this digital currency is, in particular, the fact that the digital yuan is fully controlled by the PBOC central bank, which can monitor it at any time.

However, a turning point in his understanding came only recently, when the Chinese government released more detailed information, which confirms that the government will know all the details of what, where and who ever bought.

While the Chinese Communist Party insists their efforts are aimed at digitizing bank notes and coins, Olympic athletes should be aware that the digital yuan may be used to surveil Chinese citizens and those visiting China on an unprecedented scale, with the hopes that they will maintain digital yuan wallets on their smartphones and continue to use it upon return. stated United States Senate

Senators therefore seriously point out that Olympic athletes can be surveilled and also monitored if they keep their digital yuan wallet on their smartphones.

The United States Senate adds that the concerns are not hypothetical and clarifies that even the popular WeChat application is used more for tracking, threatening and arresting Chinese citizens.

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