Bitcoin could reach more than $ 300K as early as 2025, experts say

According to the latest survey, which involved 42 cryptocurrency experts, the price of BTC will move to 6 digits in the coming years.

Bitcoin could reach more than $ 300K as early as 2025, experts say

The UK’s fastest-growing comparison site, Finder, is aware of Bitcoin's popularity and therefore decided to address up to 42 crypto experts in order to bring readers closer to what is expected of BTC in the coming years.

Within the 11 questions of this survey on Bitcoin, one of them was the following, what are the forecasts of Bitcoin prices for the years 2025 and 2030.

The panel of experts surprised most of us when they said that although it is possible that the price will fall in the medium term, later and specifically by December 2025, the price of BTC could rise up to $ 318,417.

Among the experts was Wave Financial senior trader Justin Chuh, who said that according to him, BTC would end at $ 210K at the end of 2025, but in $ 2030 he could attack the $ 400K mark.

Halving events and inflation along the way to 2025 and 2030 will likely trigger the larger upside moves, —  Prices are likely to be continuously driven by supply and demand, less availability for a wider group of users. Chuh says

As for the panelists' forecast for December 2030, the expectations are more than high, because in this case, according to them, Bitcoin could rise to an incredible $ 4,287,591 per BTC. In this case, it is the highest price ever predicted for Bitcoin.

ZebPay Co-CEO Avinash Shekhar also took part in the survey, who claims that the biggest trigger for Bitcoin price increases will be, in particular, higher rates of cryptocurrency adoption.

Avinash Shekh stated the following "The growing acceptance will impact the popularity and the utility of bitcoin. It’ll be unfair to price bitcoin against fiat when that happens and hence, bitcoin will have its own intrinsic value in the future.

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