Ukraine is exploring the possibility of Cryptocurrency mining, at the nuclear power plants

Ukraine is exploring the possibility of Cryptocurrency mining, at the nuclear power plants

The new Minister of Energy, O. Buslavets, is solving problems in the energy sector by reducing the operation of nuclear power plants, but at the same time signs an order for the state-owned company Energoatom, to launch research on cryptocurrencies mining in nuclear power plants, which will last until 8 May.

The document states:
Together with Energoatom and the Energoatom Trading division, we want work up regulatory and technical issues for the possible implementation of cryptocurrency mining projects in order to secure additional markets for electricity produced by nuclear power plants,

signed document

For this step, the new minister received sharp criticism from Geo Leros, a people’s deputy, who wrote the following on his FB:

This situation is direct evidence of the dependence of the Prime Minister and Minister of Energy on the oligarchic lobby, which I will soon write in more detail, but this is a direct betrayal, this is the transfer of state interests to Ermak the oligarch, who has his own specific price, this is the danger of losing energy independence of Ukraine.

Destroying nuclear energy, almost the last state legacy left in Ukraine, the Minister of Energy proposes to push cheap energy from a nuclear power plant to the tail so as not to violate the interests of its sponsors, and directly offers Energoatom the extraction of cryptocurrency and sale of industrial energy to expensive energy!

In recent days, we are witnessed increased interest from various countries in the mining of cryptocurrencies, read also:



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