US Miners Might Soon Be Forced into Pollution Data Sharing

The Biden Administration is pushing for companies to reveal their activities connected to mining.

US Miners Might Soon Be Forced into Pollution Data Sharing

The United States lawmakers might soon be enforcing a new bill that would put certain American companies under scrutiny for their crypto-mining activities. The new law would entail disclosing details about energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, among else, due to rising environmental concerns.

According to a Verge report, any company that is involved in Bitcoin mining might be forced to reveal its data on energy consumption.

The Democratic party has already started the process by contacting the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), trying to accelerate the future possible adoption. The letter states that these agencies should have the full right to ask for the details of companies’ mining activities. It was signed by Senators Elizabeth Warren, Sheldon Whitehouse, Ed Markey, Jeff Merkley, Dick Durbin, and Representatives Jared Huffman, Katie Porter, and Rashida Tlaib.

The new law would extend on a previous act called the Clean Air Act, which currently states that the EPA has the authority to collect pollution data from companies that emit 25,000 tons of carbon dioxide and more per year.

The report concludes that the EPA and DOE should eventually come up with performance standards that could help the crypto companies to access proper guidelines for establishing environmentally cautious operations.

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