US University Will Accept Tuition Payments in Crypto

Massachusetts’ Bentley plans to accommodate the students’ wishes to incorporate digital assets.

US University Will Accept Tuition Payments in Crypto

Bentley University in Waltham from the U.S. state of Massachusetts has decided to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for their students’ tuition. The university has brought this news in an official announcement on its website.

From now on, the school shall accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the stablecoin USD Coin. Bentley thus becomes one of the first universities in the world to dip its toes in the cryptocurrency waters.

“Bentley University is at the forefront in preparing business leaders with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the changing world economy,” said the university President E. LaBrent Chrite, while Alex Kim, an early crypto adopter who launched the Bentley Blockchain Association in 2021 added:

“Students have a real interest in knowing more about blockchain, decentralized finance, and cryptocurrency investments. These technologies are influencing the industries where they will be working.”

The demand for cryptocurrencies seems to be growing across multiple areas of everyday life, despite the recent decline in their value. This sends a clear signal that there is a growing trust in the stability of digital assets.

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