What’s Your Emergency? Chainalysis Introduces The First Crypto Hotline

The 24/7 service should provide support for victims of cryptocurrency crimes.

What’s Your Emergency? Chainalysis Introduces The First Crypto Hotline

It is a known fact that legal use of cryptocurrencies overshadowed their illegal use long ago. This does not mean, however, that cybercrime and crypto fraud have gone completely extinct. They are still lurking in the shadows, awaiting their next victim.

Chainalysis, a blockchain data platform, has announced they were launching a 24/7 crypto hotline that should serve as an immediate response and support for victims of cybercrime. Moreover, it shall also provide the most recent data for the investigators, giving them a better chance to solve these wrongdoings.

Chainalysis stated that chain-related crimes and frauds are on the rise again, which prompted them to create this service. In their official post they said:

“The rapid response service is for organizations who have been targets of a cyber attack or unauthorized network intrusion that involves a cryptocurrency theft or demand.”

After reaching the hotline, the victims shall provide a complete account of what happened to them, which will immediately be picked up by investigators. Creating this service is yet another step towards supporting a healthy crypto environment.

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