Americans prefer to invest in real estate, cryptocurrencies occupy 5th place

The latest survey showed that American investors prefer the most real estate, but Bitcoin also appeared among the investment interests.

Americans prefer to invest in real estate, cryptocurrencies occupy 5th place

Bankrate, LLC, a New York-based financial services company released today a new study looking at the investment interests of the US population.

A study conducted at the end of May this year brought some interesting findings.

The first and one of the most important questions was to find out the attitude to a situation where the respondents would not need money for another 10 years and could therefore invest it.


As many as 28% of respondents said they would invest these funds in real estate, 25% would opt for Cash, Savings or CDS and 16% for the stock market.

Other investment interests of the respondents include well-known rivals, namely classic gold vs digital gold (Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency). In this case, 13% of respondents would choose precious metals and gold, and 9% would believe in Bitcoin and altcoins.

As for the attitude to whether inflation would change the way they would invest, . more than half, namely 58%, said that inflation would not change their view of investment, while 20% of respondents would invest more aggressively in such a case.

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