Bitcoin Hash Rate is at its lowest level since November last year

Recent events regarding restrictions on crypto mining companies in China's once most active regions have affected the security of the BTC network.

Bitcoin Hash Rate is at its lowest level since November last year

Mining hash rate as a key security metric of the Bitcoin network has dropped to its lowest level since the autumn of last year.

The reasons why we are witnessing this slump are probably more than clear. One of the most important reasons is the shutdown of mining farms in Chinese regions, which were once in the forefront of cryptocurrency mining.

At present, therefore, we can expect the BTC hash rate to weaken until these companies resume their operations and relocate their activities to other countries. Hot adepts include North America and even Kazakhstan, which attracts Chinese miners to cheap electricity and legal protection.

The estimated number of tera hashes per second in the last 24 hours reached a value of 116.2 TH / s, which is the lowest value since November last year. Total hash rate has lost 35.6% since its high this year (180.6 TH / s).

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