Bitcoin ATMs Are Booming Around the World

There have been 3,000 new Bitcoin ATMs installed in 2022 alone so far.

Bitcoin ATMs Are Booming Around the World

Despite the recent struggles that crypto has been facing on the market, the digital assets seem to be popular as ever. This year has seen a record number of 2,998 new Bitcoin ATMs opened in just 130 days.

The Coin ATM Radar data confirm that on January 1 of this year, the number of BTC ATMs around the world was significantly lower, at 34,340. To this day it has grown by almost 3,000 machines to 37,338 in total, which is 23 a day on average.

The number might be even higher, as not all of the Bitcoin ATMs around the world are being tracked by the Coin ATM Radar.

The Bitcoin Kiosks seem to be keeping up with last year’s trend, as 2021 saw approximately 20,000 new Bitcoin ATMs across the globe.

Crypto is gaining more and more popularity, which is also further evidenced by a myriad of countries defining new legislatures towards digital assets or accepting Bitcoin as a legal tender, both nationwide and in territories.

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