Crypto Wallets Are Among the Most Downloaded Apps on Google Play

The crypto wallet dominated the top 5 free apps in the Google Play Android store; the fourth place belongs to the Coinbase company.

Crypto Wallets Are Among the Most Downloaded Apps on Google Play

Data from the largest online store of the Android operating system testifies to the fact that the interest in cryptocurrencies is gaining momentum.

Looking at the Top Free Apps of the last few days, we can see that the lead belongs to — a popular crypto wallet. Over time, it has expanded its portfolio of services to include advanced trading, such as Margin or even NFTs.

The second most successful crypto application, which ranked fourth, is Coinbase, offering similar services with a primary focus on crypto wallet and trading.

Google Play - Top free apps

Other Top 5 applications included the vastly popular social network TikTok, and other financial applications, such as Cash App and Google Pay.

Crypto applications do not only dominate the Google Play online store, though. We have only recently informed you that the most downloaded financial and banking applications around the world are those focusing on cryptocurrencies. This particular data was provided by Apptopia.

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