El Salvador celebrates 3 million users of the national BTC wallet

Bitcoin is not a legal tender in El Salvador for even a month, but there is a high interest in the Chivo wallet, which is confirmed by 3 million inhabitants.

El Salvador celebrates 3 million users of the national BTC wallet

Crypto adaptation in the Republic of El Salvador is gaining momentum, as evidenced by the achievement of a significant milestone, namely 3 million users.

The Bitcoin Act came into force in El Salvador on September 7, and according to the latest statistics, it looks like a real revolution on the part of the population who are very interested in using this cryptocurrency.

Today, more than 3 million Salvadorans use the Chivo bitcoin wallet, as confirmed by President Nayib Bukele himself through his Twitter account.

Looking at the latest statistics from 2020, which confirmed the country's 6.486 million population, it is clear that up to 46.2% of Salvadorans currently use Bitcoin's wallet.

Let's also remember how El Salvador deployed 200 BTC ATMs across the country before launch, along with 50 small offices for residents to learn more about Bitcoin as well as Chivo's wallet.

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