El Salvador has deployed 200 BTC ATMs across the country

With the date approaching that Bitcoin will become the official legal tender in El Salvador, new Chivo BTC ATMs are being deployed en masse in the country.

El Salvador has deployed 200 BTC ATMs across the country

The global crypto community is eagerly awaiting the day the Bitcoin Law in El Salvador will enter into force.

This day is approaching and with it the involvement of the country itself, which is really serious about the nationwide use of BTC.

The latest evidence of this is the latest reports that BTC ATMs owned by the government's crypto wallet Chivo are already deployed in the country.

From the information provided, we know that so far there are 200 BTC ATMs where residents can withdraw their money without any commission and exchange it for Bitcoin.

But that's not all, El Salvador has also located 50 Chivo small offices where there will be staff who will advise people on how to download this cryptocurrency wallet but also on how to withdraw or buy BTC through new vending machines.

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